The Laughter of the Rats

©February 2007 (6th Place, Poetry, English Category, Luzonwide Higher Education Press Conference 2007)

Behind the four walls, solitude
Among the spirits, a universe conspires
Of rats thrown into the pit of the helpless
Among our sentries, power
Of words, the pen, the paper
Where everything is under scrutiny
Idealism, the fuel
Truth, the sword
The lips are sealed
But the hands create a world of “should-be-dones”
And the hearts are on fire
“Truth! Change!” we cry

Alas! The silence is shattered
By Grandmother Willow’s tyranny
“Stupid! Stupid rats!”
Her eyes raged with fury

The truth has come out!
And they call us stupid
We laugh, they call us wicked
But we laugh
We laugh in silence
We have truth, we have power
And we laugh some more.
It reverberates
Behind the four walls, solitude.


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