The Dog

© June 2011


“Why are you looking for me?” said Dog.

“I do not know,” said I as I stared at Crocodile lying weakly beside Dog, “I, I woke up from a dream and just thought of looking for you.”

“I see… of course, you are always bound to look for me without knowing how or why.”

I found myself lost for words. Am I still dreaming? No, I can’t be dreaming. I can feel my heart pounding as I felt Dog’s warmth near me.

“Why are you still here, Dog? Come, come, we have to go.”

“I cannot come with you anymore, my dear friend. My journey has to end here, with Crocodile.”

I looked at Crocodile, breathing shallowly and helplessly chained on a stake. He was almost out of life now.

More questions raced on my mind, “Dog, please come with me. You cannot help Crocodile anymore. Soon after he dies, the tribesmen will help him end his misery and use his skin for clothing.”

Dog looked at me with sheer calm, his eyes filled with poignant tears.

“You cannot understand,” he said, “I made a promise to Crocodile. I will never leave his side; where he goes, I will go. I am afraid I will have to go through the same suffering as what he is enduring.”

Yes, Dog, I cannot understand. I cannot understand why you are shedding your tear for me but not for Crocodile, nor for yourself and for the pain that you will have to go through.

I turned my back from Dog. The road ahead is uncertain but I know I had to continue my journey without him. I searched my mind for memories of me and him but couldn’t find any. I must still be half asleep.

Before I returned to my dreamless slumber, Dog spoke, “The tribesmen will kill me too, and just like what they will do to my dearest Crocodile, they will use my skin to wrap around the base of their totem pole.”


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