Pregnancy Perks and Piques

Being pregnant for the first time opened the door for a new world for me. I was told by my friends to just enjoy my pregnancy as much as I can, and I can’t say I am not on the verge of wearing out my welcome in this new world.

For the past 8 months, I have been pampered by special treatment, especially by my husband. I could pretty much ask him to do anything for me (but I am careful not to abuse it if I haven’t already had), i.e. wash the dishes (my feet hurt), buy food (I am craving), carry my stuff (too heavy). Don’t get me wrong, most of the time, my excuses are legitimate. Haha

Best husband in the world.

My husband was the first one who pampered me and then, I observed this especially when my bump is starting to show, the society started to follow suit. I am always first in the line, someone gave up her cab for me – very rare in Abu Dhabi, fast track in public restrooms, I am always given a seat, freebies, lighter work load, etc.

Aside from the special treatment, here is a list of my favorite pregnancy perks:

1. Concern from people

I generally am not comfortable in people showing concern towards me, but I like it when my closest of friends and family do. I can’t say I don’t enjoy the attention whenever I walk in a room full of my friends, and they start asking me how am I doing, or they tell me they are excited for me, or that they are here for me whenever I need their help, etc.

2. Weight gain

I hate the fact that I live in a city where food is just so fine enough for people to gain weight. I always had to control my eating. Pregnancy means no diet. I gained a license in eating pretty much anything I want more than the usual. I had to avoid several food though (so I am still on a “diet”) but it was an insignificant adjustment for me. I was able to mask my gluttony weight gain with my pregnancy.

3. New sensations

Nothing could ever compare to feeling your baby kick inside your tummy for the very first time. As I write this now, my baby is actively kicking my tummy. It’s a treasure – a special gift for women that no man could ever feel (sorry Luke).

4. Shopping

When I became pregnant, I came to accept that the love for shopping is naturally embedded in women’s DNA, that no matter how far you run away from it, it will come calling out for you.

As I grew (rather swiftly) through the months, I finally had a good excuse to buy new clothes and shoes. What delights me the most is shopping for baby. I swear I had to keep myself from clearing out the racks whenever I go to BabyShop.

And here are the things I dislike the most in pregnancy:

1. Concern from people

One of my pet peeves is people invading my personal space. That includes random people – strangers – giving unsolicited advise and pointing out the obvious (i.e. you have elephant feet! Start walking! Put your feet up!) as if I haven’t already heard those advise and as if I haven’t already noticed that on 8 months, I have elephant feet.

I could tolerate small talks and questions like how far along am I, is it a boy or a girl, etc. But unsolicited advise from random people in the mall or at the street is what gets me the most.

I know I have to start walking around and because of the heat in Abu Dhabi, I could only walk around malls. Now I dread going to malls because, I kid you not, in every shop I enter in, sales people and customers alike always start small conversations and we both end up saying the same thing and I end up being stressed out at the end of my walk. That is when my preggy-zilla self starts acting out. I am now starting to purposefully snob people whenever they attempt to start a conversation with me. Don’t judge me please.

2. Weight gain

With what I have been stuffing myself (don’t worry, I eat healthy most of the time) and with a growing baby inside me, I shouldn’t be surprised of how much I have gained over the past 8 months. I allowed myself to eat but now I am a few lines shy of the limit.

With my now huge tummy, I am now having a hard time walking, moving around, and leaning over. So much so that I am itching for a hardcore exercise – the one that leaves you dead and sore afterwards. I am so desperate to regain my mobility that I am willing to join my husband in CrossFit (read: lifting heavy weights) once I recover from my childbirth – which I know I am going to regret afterwards.

3. New sensations

Whilst I am loving my baby’s movements inside my tummy, every other part of my body is longing for some sort of comfort. My successes in finding a comfortable sitting/lying down spot are always short-lived. As if on cue, it would only take a few moments before a leg muscle starts aching for some reason.

I am blessed, though, with not having to experience bouts of nausea throughout the pregnancy.

4. Shopping

I am always fighting the urge to shop for baby clothes and I hate it that maternity clothes are expensive. Period.

Where do I begin?

It is funny how whenever I talk to pregnant women that we share notes about body parts that hurt, unpleasant medical examinations, sleepless nights, bouts of sleepiness and hunger, mood swings, weird cravings, anxieties and worries, etc. But at the end of the day, even though we don’t actually say it at times because we are too busy complaining, the sense of joy is palpable.

There is no amount of pain or inconvenience could ever take away the joy of carrying a new life in your womb.


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