Pregnant at the Quarter Mile Mark

There has been a lot of things that happened over the long period of time (over a year!) that I have been stagnant in blogging.

I can say that my priorities and my outlook in life have shifted. I felt like my character had to be molded in order for me to start blogging again.

Pardon my rustiness in writing because I haven’t really been writing these days – except of course if you count email correspondences and my preaching outlines.

Now as I enter into a new stage in my life – motherhood – and armed with a fresh sense of purpose, I feel like it is the perfect time for me to start blogging again.

I am currently on my 35th week of pregnancy and I want to share briefly the most significant things that I have learned over the past few months.

During the start of the year, our church holds an annual Prayer and Fasting. Among other things, we are encouraged to list down our faith goals/main prayer requests for the whole year. I have been practicing this for over 10 years now and I always come up with an extensive list. This year is the first time that my husband and I only had two faith goals and one of them is to have a baby.

After a month, I found out that I am pregnant. My husband and I are in awe because we thought we are going to have a hard time conceiving (that’s another story altogether) but God is good. Needless to say that our second faith goal has also been answered.


My first hospital visit – as you can see we were both very anxious.

I was always paranoid during my first trimester because I have been told that these are the crucial stages of growth. I have heard stories about mums losing their babies during this stage because of stress, wrong food choices, poor prenatal care, etc. I was always looking forward to the next OB appointment (which only came once a month), eager to hear my baby’s heartbeat.

I have never been keen in asking questions to other people (probably because of my temperament) so Google is my friend. I googled everything – from what food to eat and avoid, to what kind of lifestyle should I be having, to any peculiarities in my body. I also never bothered asking my OB any questions because there were no questions that BabyCenter and What to Expect While You are Expecting did not answer.

The second trimester flew like a breeze. I was less worried about the growing bundle of joy inside me. I faithfully drank my vitamins, I faithfully went for my monthly check up, and I ate. I ate a lot. I also slept a lot during my 4th month because for some reason, I was always drowsy.


My fourth month bump at Nowwaf and May’s wedding.

Once I entered my third trimester, I started thinking about child birth and I remember fleeting moments of fear, thinking about the birth pains that mums are talking about. With a smile they tell me, “it’s the most painful thing that I have ever felt!” – with a smile!!!


7th month during Daddy Luke’s birthday celebration.

Yet now on my 35th week, with baby showers done, shopping almost complete, and days passing by (rather slowly if you ask me), my fear has turned into excitement. Like no amount of stories of pain would ever make me dread the coming of my labor day. In fact, what with constantly being awakened at night because (a) the need to pee (b) leg cramps (c) wrong sleeping position (d) heat, with my elephant feet, with my difficulty in moving, breathing, and doing petty tasks like picking up an item I accidentally dropped on the floor, I badly want to go back to my normal physical self. But more than that, I cannot contain the excitement of looking at my child for the very first time, and of entering a new challenge in my life called motherhood.

Above all, I thank God for my husband who has always been very caring, understanding, patient, supportive, and prayerful during the past 35 weeks.


My Superman.

5 weeks to go!!!


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