Mary Did You Know?

Mary did you know that I used to sing for our church’s choir when I was in grade school?

Of course no one believes me. Such a shame that cameras are rare during those times so I don’t have any proof.

So last December, when our church’s music team made an open invitation for team members to be part of the choir for our Christmas special, I didn’t hesitate to join. The group was surprised because they didn’t know that I could *ahem* sing (I play the acoustic guitar in church). I told them I could sing in a choir at least.

I missed being in a choir. I grew up worshiping that way. My paternal grandmother sings in the church choir. My paternal uncles, aunts, and relatives sing in church choir, my parents sing in church choir, my siblings sing in church choir… it runs in the blood.

I had an amazing time practicing the song with wonderful singers, especially Irene (the one singing solo) and Angel (the conductress-slash-arranger) who were patient with us.

ENAD Choir

Mommy Old, my paternal grandmother would be so proud to see this.

Thanks to my husband whom I forced to take who took the video.


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