Chocolate Chip Cookies

For my 100th blog entry, I chose to share my newfound hobby.

It all started one afternoon when Luke and I were talking about how expensive photography as a hobby is getting. It was quite a long conversation until I told him, “we should get a new inexpensive hobby”.

Then I thought of baking. I know it gets expensive in the long run but at least you get to eat what you create.

As far as I can remember, my mother never baked. She tried baked spaghetti a few times but that’s just about the only time I could remember when she used our oven. It has always been in my bucket list to bake even though I don’t have a sweet tooth.

Luke allowed me to buy an oven and try baking with the condition that whatever I bake should have chocolates in it. He loves chocolate so much but I don’t. I don’t even want to see chocolates on the fridge or anywhere in the house.

One of my friends told me that cookies are the easiest to bake. Since my husband loves chocolates, I googled chocolate chip cookies. I appreciate technology this way. I don’t have to go to expensive baking schools to learn how to bake. I found out that as long as you know how to read and follow instructions, you’re good to go.

Since the recipe for chocolate chip cookies is readily available, I’m just going to describe what I did to bake my first (the pictures are actually my third try) dozen. Remember that I am a noob.

  1. I combined ¼ cup of white sugar, ¼ cup brown sugar and ¼ cup melted butter. I added some more butter in the end and I was too lazy to melt it so ayan. Then I whisked it.2image
  2. I added one whole medium-sized egg. Some said to add one egg yolk but again, I’m lazy. LOL I also added one teaspoon vanilla extract (currently googling the difference between vanilla extract and vanilla essence) and a pinch of salt.2image(1)
  3. I sifted 1 ¼ cup all purpose flour plus one tablespoon baking powder on the mix. Some are saying to dissolve the baking powder on hot water but when I tried it at first, it created foam and I didn’t like it so I just stuck to this method.2image(2)PS. I learned how to “sift” flour while watching Junior Master Chef (googling the reason why one must sift flour).
  4. It’s nice to get your hands “dirty”. The mix/batter gets so sticky at this point that I just used my hands to put them all together. When the batter is all mixed and super sticky, I added the chopped walnuts and the unsweetened Hersey’s chocolate chips (¼ cup each) before mixing it again with my bare hands *insert psycho theme*!2image(3)
  5. Since I couldn’t find any baking sheets in the supermarket, I covered my baking tray with foil (as per Google). Then I pinched away a handful of the batter/mix, rolled it into a ball and flattened it between my palm. The flatter the better. Luke likes them flat (but it rises when you start baking it). I placed a few more chocolate chips on top for char effect. Hehe 2image(4)
  6. Oh before I started mixing these the ingredients, I pre-heated my oven to 180°C (to the rest of the world and to Americans, 350°F – coz I’m a good-guy-greg). So when I was done lining up the pre-cooked cookies, I just popped ‘em up into the pre-heated oven and waited for about 10 minutes for them to
  7. During the last minute, I had to watch the cookies because I wanted to make sure that they are cooked *ehem* perfectly. Sometimes kasi even after 10 minutes, they’re still a bit rare so I had to extend it to about 2-3 minutes in the oven. After they’re done, I put them on a cooling rack. Sometimes Luke doesn’t wait for them to cool before eating them1image

So there, Luke says they’re delish and I believe him because he doesn’t have a but at the end of his sentence (i.e. it’s delicious but it needs more salt).

I gave some cookies to some of my friends and so far, they are kind enough to say that my cookies taste great! Not bad for my first cookie!

I’ll post more of my baking adventures next time.


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